Associate Director Office Leasing joins Ray White Commercial (WA)

THE Ray White Commercial (WA) team is pleased to welcome Sallese Wilmot-Barr (pictured above) to the family in the role of AssociateDirector Office Leasing.

Ms Wilmot-Barr, who has enjoyed a successful career in the real estate industry over a number of years, is a well-recognised and respected operator within the office leasing sector.

“I’m excited to be joining a business that’s going through a growth phase and to have the ability to have a fresh start with a renewed passion for office leasing,” she said.

“I was particularly attracted to the people and the leadership team that is approachable, listens, and can quickly adapt to a changing market.

“The ability to have a more hands-on approach to office leasing, with a good support structure to assist me to work effectively, also appealed.

“I’ve always loved building and construction – I first worked in a serviced office and my passion took off from there. I sought out jobs in that industry with hard work and a willingness to learn.

“I was given the opportunity to join office leasing and I worked hard to find my place in a very competitive market.

“I think a key highlight is being one of the few women to be successful in office leasing in Perth and returning to work from having my son and making my way back.

“I plan on being a part of a team that will continue to grow their listings and their reputation while having an input into how we can make improvements as a business.”

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