November 2017 – WA Child Care

By Stephen Harrison

November 2017 – WA Child Care

 16 November, 2017 /  Vanessa Rader and Stephen Harrison

The Child Care market as an income producing asset class has grown in appeal across the East Coast of Australia for the two years with a push into the Western Australian market has heated up during the second half of 2017.

High supply over the last five years in the East Coast was realised due to the large increases in population and the undersupply of facilities, in more recent times its heavily subsidised income stream has not gone unnoticed by savvy investors. A combination of low interest rates and the quest to seek higher yielding/low risk investments has drawn a wide range of investors to this new asset class.

The WA market is still embarking on its supply phase with a high volume of stock recently entering the market with a future pipeline of stock yet to be completed across both the metropolitan and regional parts of the state. Demand to purchase is high as both local and interstate investors can see the value and attractive yields still on offer, furthermore child care assets have a greater ease in obtaining financing compared to other “new” asset classes such as Service Stations which also offer quality/modern facilities with long lease security.

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